Organizational Change Challenges

We assist companies with business process focused system integration. Our expertise in this area spans over 15 years of assisting organizations with focusing on their valuable human capital while integrating their business processes with technology.

When your organization decides to make changes regarding its ERP or supply chain or customer relationship management application, a host of questions and their resulting decisions will determine your ROI and ultimate success.

  • How will you move all your employees from the way they do business today to the way you want them to do business tomorrow?
  • How will you communicate the vision of your newly transformed organization?
  • What are the strategic and tactical issues that must be addressed?

FMTSI works with you and your organization to help make that new vision a reality.

We work with the C-level executive team, key middle managers, and teams of employees to integrate their new software applications, business processes, and new work practices to ensure minimal losses in productivity.