What Makes FMTSI Different?

We focus on business process. We work with clients to design business processes that empower the client's employees and assist them with functioning more productively in an increasingly technical environment. Since FMTSI's consultants have been in the exact same position as our clients' employees, we have a deep understanding and appreciation for what change means to them personally.

Our consultants come to their current endeavors (i.e., transition planning consultants, business process analysts, instructional designers, technical writers, trainers, etc.) as second, or even third, careers. Their prior occupations include working as customer support representatives, controllers, staff accountants, inventory managers, warehouse managers, plant managers, master schedulers, or buyers.

What is your methodology?

Our methodology is based upon an intensive discovery process that informs the transition planning, process education, and training phases of our engagement with a client. 

How does FMTSI integrate people, processes, and technology? What does that mean?

When employees have a thorough understanding of, not only the "what" involved with executing their responsibilities, but the "why" and "how," they can use that knowledge to improve their performance.

Knowledge without understanding creates an environment where employees can't execute flawlessly. At FMTSI, we work to ensure that our clients' employees, from mailroom assistant to CEO, understand the "what," the "why," and the "how" regarding their contribution to the company's mission and strategic plan.

What happens when our engagement ends?

At the end of our engagement with a client, we exit having ensured every employee has experienced a complete knowledge transfer accompanied by both a "big picture" and detailed understanding of their role and its relationship to the organization's business processes and technical environment. This enables them to increase their productivity and improve their performance.